Wealth Can be Not the sole Yardstick of Sucess

Sharlene Chow 4c2

1i) Wealth is certainly not the only way to judge how effective a person is. Do you agree? Within our materialistic culture of today, one's success can often be measured by big cottage you live in, the fancy car parked just outdoors, the outfits you are dressed in as well as the breed of dog you own. The earth is competitive with each other in a show of wealth, typified by show " Keeping up with the Joneses”. Wealth has become a yardstick of success and those who attain great wealth will be deemed since having succeeded in life. Singapore has used it into a new level with the 5Cs – Condominium, Cash Cards, Country Club, Car and the all-important Cash. In bookstores, you observe a whole part of self-help books dedicated for individuals who want tips on how to receive rich. Nevertheless , to simply use wealth being a yardstick to measure success is to take a narrow look at of our goal as humans. Wealth can be transient and fleeting, ineffective in educating us to understand the greater points of life. Sayings just like " Funds cannot get happiness” get the communication entirely. Appreciate, friends, as well as happiness are intangible that cannot be exchanged for mere scraps of paper. Cynics might point out that they can buy massages, products, cars actually foreign girlfriends or wives! However , just how can all that beat real appreciate, the knowledge that your family adores you, the camaraderie between friends and also other heart-warming occasions of existence? Wealth pieu in comparison to other yardsticks in life such as pleasure. A rich man can have all the amount of money in the world, when his life is devoid of like and companionship, he can purchase all the material goods on the globe to simply no purpose, intended for his disappointment cannot be soothed by a fresh car. When compared to, a poor guy who can merely earn enough to fill up the starving bellies of himself fantastic family, good results . true friends and children whose laughter warms the property, can find the case happiness. In such a scenario, who have do we say has prevailed in life? Right here, we can see that even though 1 might have...



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