The United States-Mexico Edge Timeline

The US South america Border


U. T. -Mexico boundary region is definitely inhabited by many Native American groups that have lived in the location for centuries.


Spain creates colonial government in Mexico.


Adam-Onis Treaty: U. S. -Mexico boundary established by Spain plus the United States.


Mexico wins independence by Spain.


Mexico becomes a republic.


The U. S. South america war begins.


Precious metal is uncovered at Sutter's Mill in the Sacramento Pit area of Cal. By 1849, large numbers of U. S. pioneers and migrants from all over the world travel to the mining location. Many gold seekers build camps about Mexican-held area, forcing out some of the first landowners.


The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo delivers the U. S. -Mexican War to an end.


Chinese labor is reduced because of the China Exclusion Action, and train companies search for alternative sources of cheap labor. Mexican personnel are progressively recruited.


Increasingly, Philippine Americans work for the railroads. Railroad building continues through the entire early twentieth century.


Copper exploration continues to lure people to Illinois, driving even more Mexican Us citizens from their royaume.


Copper, silver, and zinc are normally found in Arizona and New Mexico; Tx begins to mine salt, resulting in further exclusion of Philippine American land owners.


The first border patrol is established to halt Asian staff from coming into the United States through Mexico. 1910

Mexican Trend begins. A large number of Mexicans run away across the edge for safety.


The Immigration Act of 1921 restricts the immigration of Southern and Eastern Europeans. Agriculture lobbyists rally to dam the movement to include Mexicans in the idea.


Typically due to too little of immigration quotas, more than fifth there’s 89, 000 People in mexico come into the us on long term visas, producing 1924 the height year to get Mexican immigration.


Immigration Act of 1924 puts a stop to the...



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