Importance of English language Language



12 , 03/2012


" English language is critical to get countries' good participation in the global economy, that it supplies individuals with entry to crucial know-how, skills and employment opportunities and enables organisations to create and sustain worldwide links. ”

(Council, 2011)

I just was in a well known hotel to get a conference. While I was holding out, I overheard a guest inquire in English until what time was breakfast time served. I used to be surprised to determine that non-e of the staff members understood problem. After a lot of tries I had developed to get involved and help while using translation. This experience acquired me thinking about what a significant role the English vocabulary plays today: it's the primary source of communication; the way by which we can share our ideas and thoughts with everybody around the world.

The The english language language features experienced an enormous expansion as time passes. During the time of William shakespeare, English was your native language of just a few million people in the world. It includes since expanded to the point where today there are around 600 , 000, 000 people that have this as their native language and the same number of people use it as a second language.

Developments such as the vehicle, airplane, radio, television, adnger zone, computers and Internet along with many others have enormously helped the growth of the language. All of these inventions were manufactured in the us and Britain and released to various other non-English speaking countries, showing highly clinical and technical superiority.

This phenomenon resulted in these kinds of non-English speaking countries creating their own industrial sectors and adding technicians and scientists coming from developing countries, therefore causing the strength and expansion of English through trade, research and technology. The...

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