Sigmund Freud and Vegemite

How do you like your vegemite?

Persona is derived from enduring patterns of individual conduct that characterise a unique person (Assael, Pope, Brennan & Vouges, 2007, p. 231). Hence, persona influences customer behaviour. One of the popular ideas is Freud's psychoanalytic theory which is subconscious nature of personality because of childhood issues which includes ID, spirit, super ego representing the most basic to intricate behaviour (Assael et ing., 2007, p. 231). The ID regulates the individual's most basic demands such as craving for food and personal preservation. Spirit represents reasonable, self-preservative and problem solving. Extremely ego enforces its criteria by exciting the ego's feelings of guilt or pride. Contains the spirit ideal (standards of precisely what is right) plus the conscience (standards of what is wrong). You will discover different ways of using vegemite such as " streaker”, " crumpeter” and " red back”. And these methods on how to make use of vegemite represents individual's personality. In relation to Freud's psychoanalytic theory, theory will not always go along with practicality (Greenberg & Mitchell, 1983. G. 9-21). The primary reason for this case is because vegemite creates its very own personality and culture in which individuals can choose how they wish to use vegemite and don't have to follow the rules of society in employing vegemite (Greenberg & Mitchell, 1983. G. 9-21). To conclude, Freud's psychoanalytic theory will never completely work in practical terms as noticed in this vegemite case. The main reason why vegemite has such a solid brand name is because of what represents of Aussie icon which will represents free of charge will and freedom of choice. Hence, contemporary society does not specify how persons spread vegemite. Reference: Assael, Pope, Brennan & Vouges. (2007). Buyer Behaviour. 1st - Asia Pacific Impotence, Australia: John Wiley & Sons. Greenberg, J, L, & Mitchell, S, A. (1983). Thing Relations in Psychoanalytic Theory. Harvard School Press.



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