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Individual Short Answer Conventional paper

Paula Temian


Summer 17, 2013

Edward Muhammad

Individual Brief Answer Conventional paper

Even though environmental psychology has not been recognized as a field of mindset until a couple of years ago, i think it has always been there. The key reason why I say that is because I believe environmental psychology deals with the way persons understand and respond to the physical environment. Through environmental psychology catalogs, and lectures we master and figure out in more depth what result has the environment on human being behavior, and vice versa, just how human tendencies can affect the environment. There are many topics at the intersection of psychology and the physical environment. Some three years ago sustainability has become a big interest and a great concern to world in general. When ever population started to be more mindful of sustainability as well as the importance of recycling this discipline increased its focus on just how environment affects human five style and quality of life, and exactly how human impact the environment they will live in. " environmental mindset explores environmentally friendly context of human habit and well being (De Fresh, 2013 p. 23) I know believe it is required for recycle and go green. There are plenty of ways to efficiently help and improve the environment and recycling where possible is one of the least complicated. We do not only help the environment when we recycling but all of us also help ourselves. Spend affects the natural environment very negatively, plus the waste is growing because of the growing population, and the variety of products that are available to get nowadays like fast food and special presentation that is not environmentally friendly. Recycling helps reduce the air pollution that is causes by spend, the deforestation causes an environment destruction and global warming and recycling decreases the need for unprocessed trash so the rainforests can be stored, and also recycling saves strength and maintains natural resources.


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