RFID-Technology: Improving the Batangas Condition University-JPLPC Campus Library Protection

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The changing needs of people led to the development of a means to produce tasks easier and more easy. This is technology. It is a instrument that now performs an important role in peoples' everyday life. Due to this technology every complicated activity is now supplied with an equal answer. Hence, the difficulties that people encounter in doing tasks are minimized. It is not impossible that in the future, these problems will be removed. When this happens, commercial evolution will certainly take place. A good example of a technology that leads to the interest of men and women in the catalogue community at present is the Car radio Frequency Identity (RFID). It is because its applications that promise to improve efficiency, production and improve user fulfillment. Apparently, throughout the world emerging knowledge-based societies with the twenty initially century will need information to sustain their very own growth and prosperity so with intellectual capital as purchases, knowledge and information have grown to be their riches generators. From this scenario, people cannot deny the importance of libraries which are repositories of reference solutions. In most contemporary academic your local library where a lot of books, magazines, CDs, Dvd disks and other electronic digital reading supplies are contained, it is a concern for librarians to manage this sort of type of enormous collection. This is the reason why RFID is among the most adopted technologies both equally by the academes and the companies. At present, there are lots of higher education institutions in the Korea that are currently using the RFID technology in their libraries. Many of these institutions are De La Assemblee University, University of Sto. Tomas, 1st Asia Start of Technology and Humanities and Batangas State University or college – Alangilan Campus. These types of universities are already experiencing the comfort in selection management brought about by this RFID technology.

After seeing how the system has helped the abovementioned institutions, the researchers thought of providing this kind of technology for their alma mater. Batangas State University-JPLPC Campus still uses the standard method for the inventory of library components and gear. The advocates believe that with the use of RFID technology, it will be far more convenient for the library personnel to reject possible theft or wrong use of catalogue belongings. Also, the development of the RFID visitor will be important to enhance the security of the campus library and will lessen your energy needed by library staff in managing library methods. Objectives of the Study

The key objective with the study was to design and develop an RFID Audience for the Library Secureness of Batangas State University or college – JPLPC Campus. Specifically, this research aimed to:

1 .

Consider the present state from the Batangas Condition University-JPLPC Campus Library and make an creativity through development of library protection feature. 2 .

Design and style a circuitry reader for library secureness.


Develop a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Visual Basic. NET that will incorporate RFID Visitor, RFID tags, and Anti-Theft Detector. 5.

Make the products on hand of selection properties simpler, faster and systematic. Significance of the Study

The RFID reader which has been developed to get Batangas Express University-JPLPC Grounds is considered to benefit the University Catalogue personnel, School of Architectural and Computer Sciences, selection users, different schools and libraries and future experts. To the selection personnel, the project would be essential in the safekeeping and maintaining of books and other materials inside the library. As well, it would make them save time and effort in making stocks regarding library materials. Towards the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, this project would serve as another success. Likewise, it would be a beneficial tool which may contribute in the betterment of learning because the prototype may be used to aid teaching. To the...

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