People of the Terrain

People of the land

The native people of New Zealand would be the Tangata Whenua, people of the land, the Maoris. Maori persons came from Polynesia in wood canoes about 1000 years ago. They were living from what nature can offer like seafood, animals and kumara. Maori people worked hard all time. Via Polynesia this kind of people brought with these people a tradition that was rich in literature, song, dance, arts and crafts. There was no created language, but the Maoris had been great story-tellers. Tattooing was an important component to their lifestyle. Tattooing was brought to those by an young man known as Mataora who also fell in love with Niwareka. That they had a disagreement and she left him to go to her father. Heartbroken, Mataora followd her however it was a everything journey. If he finnaly got there, his face was paint. Niwareakas family laughed, but having been forgiven. Today a boy would have his initial tattoo in the puberty. That means he is at this point a man. Women were also inked, but not the extent that man were. The Maori society was divided into sociable classes, plus the lowest did not bear the tattoo markings. Tapu was an important principle in Maori life. This kind of meant a thing was almost holy, not to become touched simply by everybody. A person may be Tapu (chief, the priest and the skin icon craftsman). Breaking a tabu would make people angry and you simply could be killed for it. Maori people not necessarily always tranquil. Before that they going to conflict, the warriors performed routine dance, using body language anf facial phrase to describe emotions and activities. The Maori culture has become taken care of in the current New Zealand. It is important for the Maoris the old customs live on possibly in our modern day world. And it is important for a Maori woman or son to be connected his or her beginnings.



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