Pelton Wheel Generator

ME413-Experiment #2 Efficiency Characteristics of Pelton Tire (Impulse Turbine)

Purpose: To investigate typical functionality characteristics of the impulse generator.

Apparatus: Armfield Pelton Generator, Armfield Hydraulics Bench and digital tachometer. Sketch a labeled schmematic diagram from the apparatus.

Theory and Meanings:

(Ref. Munson/Young/Okiishi A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 3/e, g. 479)

1 . Ideal Electricity and effectiveness

From 1-D energy equation, derive the right (inviscid flow) power outcome of an instinct turbine regarding the movement rate and jet speed. Review the definition of result power of a rotating shaft in terms of the torque and rotation rate. The turbine efficiency is merely defined as the ratio of actual power to ideal benefits of the turbine.

2 . Dimensionless Coefficients

Assessment the definitions of movement coefficient, pressure coefficient and power coefficient.


one particular Turn on the pump within the hydraulic counter and completely open the control valve. 2 While using friction seatbelt on the brake pedal disk entirely disengaged, adjust the stream rate to get a pressure head of about a few m in turbine outlet, as indicated by the pressure gage with the inlet. a few Tighten the friction belt on the brake pedal disk so that the difference inside the tensions from the two planting season balances is about 1 D. Read the tachometer to obtain the rotation speed. some Repeat step three until the optimum on the spring balance can be reached, or maybe the rotation rate is no. 5 Disengage the friction belt and adjust the flow level so that the pressure head at the inlet is about 10 meters. Repeat steps 3 and 4. six Repeat with a inlet pressure head of 15 meters and twenty m.


1 ) Compute and plot the torque, electricity output, and turbine effectiveness against rotation speed for each and every inlet pressure head.

installment payments on your Compute the flow coefficient, pressure agent and power coefficient and plot all of them on the same chart.


Is the running law for turbomachine validated?




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