Pakistan Agriculture


Asian Interpersonal Science

Vol. 7, No . 7; Come july 1st 2011

Global financial trouble: Macroeconomic Addition to Pakistan's Agriculture

Professor Dr . Abdul Latif

Chief Department of Management Savoir

Islamia College or university Bahawalpur, Pakistan

E-mail: [email protected] com

Muhammad Suhail Nazar

Assistant Mentor, Deptt: of Management Savoir

Islamia University or college, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

E-mail: [email protected] com

Doctor Maqsood Zia Shah

Associate Professor, Deptt: of Statistics

SALU-Khairpur, Pakistan

Faiz. M. Shaikh

Assistant Professor, Deptt: Agri: Economics

SZABAC-Dokri-Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan

E-mail: [email protected] com

Received: September 19, 2010

Accepted: January 10, 2011

doi: 12. 5539/ass. v7n7p90


This kind of research investigates the impact of worldwide Financial Crisis Macro economic entrave to Pakistan's Agriculture. Macroeconomic shocks may impact agriculture more firmly than elements that affect the sector directly. Data were collected coming from various supplementary sources. It was revealed that the latest Global financial crisis has negative effect on the Operate growth in Pakistan. Additionally, it affects the purchase price, production, ingestion and control. It was further revealed that Pakistan's exports have fallen significantly, through for the reason that of a drop in the world operate prices instead of export amount.

Keywords: Global, Financial, Problems, Macroeconomic, Linkage


Pakistan is facing problems due to Global financial crisis with fast using up international reserves there is a developing fear the fact that country might be forced in defaulting about its international obligations. It was because of this fear that upon October 6, both Regular & Poor and Moody's, two of the world's greatest rating companies, downgraded Pakistaner bonds. One bond will certainly run out of its term early next year and the shareholders have begun to fear if Pakistan will be able to pay all of them back. Government data demonstrates inflation adjusted house...

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