Opeartional Analysis of the Guyana Sugar Firm



Table of contents


Chapter one – Qualifications on GUYSUCO

Chapter two – Literature review/ theoretical framework

Chapter 3 – Process flow diagram of GUYSUCO's operation operations Chapter several – Functional analysis

Model of businesses management – process variability model Potential

Creation and forecast/target data for the past ten years

Strategies of forecasting/setting targets

Factors influencing GUYSUCO's ability to meet focuses on


Master production schedule/Production plan

Production strategy (chase)

Sample manufacturing plant layout/floor strategy

Analysis of the production department's key actions

Ongoing and batch flow processes

Item or procedure focus

Concept of lean production principles placed on GUYSUCO

Only in Time and Total Top quality Manufacturing sagesse at GUYSUCO Summary of challenges/obstacles to achieving aims

Chapter five – Conclusions and Recommendations

A conclusion based on evaluation

Suggestions from findings


Part One


Background to the company – the Guyana Sugar Corporation


Working together to generate half a million soucis of sugar.


To be a top notch sugar industry producing high quality sugar and added value by-products, when ensuring customer satisfaction, employee development, environmental safety and safe functioning practices. By doing this we can achieve expansion and suffered profitability in different foreseeable promoting situation to be able to contribute to the economical and cultural development of Guyana.


GuySuCo is also the home of the world renowned Genuine Demerara Sugar. GuySuCo‘s main business is the farming of sugarcane, production and marketing of sugar and molasses. In 1976, the Government of Guyana nationalized and merged the sugar estates operated by simply Booker Sweets Estates Limited and Jessels Holdings to create the Guyana Sugar Firm, also known as GuySuCo. For 37 years this commitment provides stood the test of time and our team has worked with to produce among the world's finest raw sugar and today GuySuCo has evolved to create value added sugar or grouped together sugars. Each of our golden brown Demerara sugars is appreciated around the world and our foreign trade markets period the European Union, the usa of America, and the Caricom countries.

GuySuCo and Guyana

In 2012 GuySuCo contributed to 9. 5% of Guyana's total exports, attracting approximately G$ 27BN; a growth of nearly 50% in foreign exchange income from 2k, thereby proving that glucose is still a significant contribution for the country's economic system and a definite influence upon social your life. The country's reliance in sugar production as a means of income show up in the circulation of pay to sugars industry staff and its multiplying effect in related companies. It is through sugar which the country has the capability to maintain the training and development of the manpower. From this assignment, a great analysis will be made of the current systems set up at the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO). 1st, an recognition of the crucial processes will be highlighted, i. e. the transformation method. During the evaluation of the creation activities, quality as well as output problems will also be highlighted. Tips and improvement measures that ought to be taken to defeat the current constraints of existing measures are also proposed. The ability with the firm concerned can be used to demonstrate that manufacturing ideas and technologies typically connected with large companies such as Merely in Time (JIT), Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Administration can also be put on a small business to improve its manufacturing efficiency and maximize its production and quality standards.

Chapter Two...

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