On the China and European Superstition Differences in Superstition-Related Figures and Fests Between China and The english language

On the Chinese and European Superstition Variations in Superstition-related Amounts and Conventions between Chinese language and English language 从英汉数字和迷信节日看中西方的迷信思想差异 内容摘要




Irrational belief, as one element of human lifestyle, dates from the first working day when human beings appeared. Superstitious thoughts are in someones minds inspite of the technological and technical advancement. Irrational belief can be found in every aspect of human your life; it has a superb influence in people's patterns. As a social phenomenon, irrational belief varies from a single nation to a new. With repeated communications between nations worldwide, it is necessary to include acknowledgement of the differences in superstition between distinct countries. There are several differences between China and western countries in the figures and irrational belief festivals. Difficulties factors happen to be cultural gap, homophonous phenomena, religious reason, psychological factor, and so on. So the paper's idea is analyzing the disparity of irrational belief between Chinese suppliers and american countries by simply studying the numbers and festivals, and studying the disparity.

Keywords and phrases: superstition; dissimilarities; superstition-related figures; superstitious conventions



1 The foundation and the Meaning of Superstition1

1 ) 1 The foundation of Superstition2

1 . 2 The Definition of Superstition2

a couple of The Irrational belief about Quantities and Festivals in China and Traditional western Countries2 2 . 1 The Superstition about Numbers3

installment payments on your 1 . 1 Superstition-related Numbers in China3

2 . 1 . 2 Superstition-related Numbers in Western Countries4 2 . 2 The Superstition about Festivals4

2 . installment payments on your 1 The Hungry Ghost Festival in China5

2 . 2 . two Halloween in Western Countries5

3 The Reasons for the Superstition Disparity6

3. one particular The Ethnical Gap6

several. 2 The Religious Reason7

3. three or more The Internal Factor8




Superstition is a belief, or system of beliefs, through which almost religious veneration can be attached to issues mostly seglar; a parody of religious faith in which there is belief in an occult or possibly a magic interconnection. Therefore , irrational belief can be said as the result of lack of knowledge. Superstition date ranges from the 1st day when ever human beings appeared. Modern society is definitely characterized by the highly designed science and technology; yet , many superstitious ideas are still deeply rooted in householder's mind, and still have great affect on their tendencies. As a social phenomenon, superstition varies from contemporary society to culture and by country to country. Take the number" 13”as an example, Chinese language people will not think it is an unlucky number, but for English people, costly unlucky quantity, even an evil amount which will bring disasters. Thus we can enter a realization that several nations will vary superstition concept. Now moving into a global community, people from different countries, cultures, beliefs, and reputations begin to connect and exchange their different ideas. Meanwhile, cultural conflicts appear and they are becoming a a growing number of serious problem. Superstition disparity is known as a point in case. This thesis aims to concentrate on analyzing the disparity of superstition between Chinese suppliers and american countries simply by studying the numbers and festivals. Causes of the variation are also discovered. The conventional paper is composed of six parts: the first component is the launch of the thesis; the second component is designed to bring in the definition of superstition; the 3rd part gives superstition in numbers of China and european countries; the fourth part research their superstitious festivals; then a analysis with the...

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