NUMMI Evaluation


Professional Summary

The goal of this executive summary is to identify the issues, the major causes, solutions and methods of setup for the newest United Motor Manufacturing Inc. better known as NUMMI. NUMMI though specializes in vehicle manufacturing, was having problems producing tiny vehicles. NUMMI workforce likewise had a horrible reputation. NUMMI would like to successfully reinvent the organization traditions and create high quality automobiles. NUMMI remedy is to undertake a new production and managing systems. To summarize this survey, we can justify why adopting fresh production and management system can benefit NUMMI and help transform its company culture. Issue Identification

In1983 the New Combined Motor Production Inc., Toyota and GENERAL MOTORS joint venture research in a unlikely collaboration to bring a new number of profitable tiny cars for the United States. This kind of partnership happened in Fremont, California within a factory herb called NUMMI. GM target was to discover ways to make small profitable vehicles and learn Toyota production and Management System. Toyota objective alternatively wanted to just begin making vehicles in the usa. GM already had the infrastructure in position that Toyota needed; this kind of lead to all their partnership.

The workforce at the original GM Fremont factory was well-known as the worst in producing poor vehicles in the GM ecosystem. " The effort force in those times had a unpleasant reputation, frequently going out on strike (sometimes wildcat strikes), filing complaint after complaint and even sabotaging quality. ”(Shook 2010) The objective of NUMMI was to devise a strategy to help change the culture of the organization. NUMMI would measure there final results by efficiently reinventing generally there organization culture and producing high quality vehicles. This amount of achievement allowed NUMMI to look from staying GM's most severe factory to later turning into one of its finest. NUMMI workers where empowered to be given the task of their selves and build quality vehicles. " What transformed the traditions was providing employees the means by that they could successfully do their particular jobs. It was communicating clearly to personnel what all their jobs were and rendering the training and tools to enable them to perform all those jobs successfully. ” (Shook 2010)

GMC Fremont herb workforce was at one time considered one of the company's most severe production facilities. At the time, the plant workforce was producing some of the worst quality vehicles pertaining to GM; presently there level of absenteeism regularly leaped over 20%, employees would habitually go on strike and sometime known to sabotaging quality. Without changing employees the once dysfunctional manufacturing plant was transformed into a model facility with a new company culture. By adopting Toyota's creation and management system, NUMMI overrode the many obstacles that when prevented it is ability to achieve the objectives above.

Reasons behind the Problem

As stated before, GMC Fremont manufacturer in 1983 was creating extremely cheap vehicles. To correct this problem, GM entered a joint venture with Toyota. Toyota confronted many challenges partnering with GM. To start GM did not know how to help to make small successful vehicles. GENERAL MOTORS attempts to create small size vehicles eventually failed hence why contacting Toyota. GENERAL MOTORS also wanted to reinvent it is work force development and supervision systems. This kind of joint venture will allow GM to learn how to make quality small profitable vehicles plus more importantly master Toyotas creation and Management.

GENERAL MOTORS Fremont was well known for having an bad workforce. Employees had a awful company-employee romantic relationship culture and reputation. Staff were seen to habitually go on strike, processing grievances had been common, and there were employees to go in terms of sabotaging top quality. " Toyota had various concerns about transplanting possibly the most important element of its production system — its means of cultivating worker...

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