Letter to Mr Ee cummings about the composition, When Tortue bargain

п»їDear Mr Ee cummings,

My spouse and i am writing you this email to let you know my personal response toward this composition. I absolutely believe the communication you are trying to say to everybody how nature can you need to be better than human beings in their individual way even if humans have better features. You also make use of many techniques to pass this kind of message through in an joining list of factors how pets or animals can be better than humans. However , I do not realise why you applied the first line of your poem while the title simply because there could be this kind of a better name that could stand for the subject of the message and poem. The first stanza of the composition is very interesting as it starts off the composition using very beneficial techniques. The queue where this says ‘when serpents discount for the right to squirm', the initial thing I noticed was the personification utilized. This units the theme of your poem as the rest of your composition uses representation which is very effective. It is effective because it reveals how characteristics not being like humans can be quite a good thing because humans have all these awful characteristics. Another line of this kind of stanza is usually interesting since it says ‘when thorns regard their roses with alarm'. This is symbolism saying that people can include two sides (mean and nice) the same as the thorn and rose but humans do not accept this while mother nature is just mother nature and allows the fact they have their bad sides as well. I i am most thinking about your second stanza with the guide of a personal unsecured holding electrical power. ‘and virtually any wave symptoms on the dotted line

Or else an ocean is forced to close'

The personification used below shows a clear issue that has shown humanity's stupidity in having a signature hold this kind of power to end what is proper. This quotation is very successful as the ocean cannot just inform the waves to sign a contract or anything will stop. Mother nature is just staying nature, for the best or the worse and that is what this estimate clearly says. The first few lines of the third stanza also has the same concept in saying someone...



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