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It provides professors with an organizational instrument that attaches the Career Development and Occupational Studies Learning Standards (CDOS) 3B related performance indicators. The goal of this Scope and Sequence is always to provide a userfriendly guide that links CDOS with other articles areas. The following should provide educators using a framework to get lesson prepare development. Common 3B: Job Majors Pupils who select a career major will acquire the career-specific specialized knowledge/skills important to progress toward gainful work, career advancement, and success in postsecondary applications. Relationship to Other Articles and Skill Areas

Performance Indicator one particular: Students apply knowledge/skills obtained in other content material and skill areas to the business and information systems environment. in English Vocabulary Arts relevant to the business and information devices environment. • Reading • Writing • Speaking and basic presentation skills • Listening and Mathematics linked to the business and information devices environment. • Graphic model • Foretelling of • Record analysis • Ratios • Percentages • Algebra – spreadsheet function use • Formula development • Measurements n Base skills relevant to the business and information devices environment. • Problem solving • Critical pondering • Making decisions • Analysis • Corporation and managing • Planning • Self-management • Team-work • Conversation • Technology and data management Vital Questions That which content and skill areas do pupils need in order to successfully enter the business/multinational-/information-/technologically-based environment?


n Laptop information devices as relevant to the business and information devices environment • Prepare, maintain, interpret info • Examine information • Transmit and distribute info • Illustrate acceptable standard technology-related expertise



Regular 3B: Job Majors College students who pick a career key will get the career-specific technological knowledge/skills essential to progress toward gainful employment, career advancement, and success in postsecondary programs. 1 . Simple Business Understanding


Efficiency Indicator you: Students show an understanding of business, advertising, and international economic concepts; perform business-related mathematical computations; and analyze/interpret business-related statistical information. I. Business Concepts/Characteristics: A. Character of business 1 . developments (e. g., e-commerce) installment payments on your influential elements a. Social b. Political, c. Monetary, d. Technical, e. Global 3. Types of Business Firm a. Proprietorship b. Partnership c. Company d. Specific i. profit and nonprofit e. qualities of each organization i. formation steps ii. advantages and disadvantages B. Social Issues: 1 . Population/work force 2 . Environmental several. Social responsibility C. Legal Issues: 1 . Financial regulations installment payments on your Business rights (e. g., restrictive covenant, copyright, trademark) 3. Safety of open public interest (e. g., OSHA, ADA, EEOC) 4. Rules (e. g., global, nationwide, state, local) 5. Organization taxation 6th. Labor D. Ethical Issues and Problems: 1 . Privacy (e. g., trade secrets, privacy) 2 . Environmental effect (e. g., pollution) three or more. Global, countrywide, state, and native 4. Sociable responsibilities Important Questions Exactly what are the sociable, legal, and ethical concerns and features that face all forms of business ownership? What is the role of microeconomics and macroeconomics in the global financial and economic decision-making process? How do communication, supervision, and marketing structures interact with /relate towards the cultural, sociable, and economical aspects of multinational/global business? Exactly what the advertising...



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