Healthcare Centre Intended for The Desolate Ch


Case Study

Medical center pertaining to the Destitute: Changing with the times

Component I: Case Analysis

A. size in the key problems/opportunities raised by the case

Being an bad apple can wreck the whole basket, an organization with one huge problem can begin to see the effects of that problem damage its complete organizational approach.  In the situation of Medical care for the Homeless (HCCH), the lack of a very good marketing way is what prevents this businesses ability to satisfy their organizational goals. The first problem can be summarized as a need for brand positioning.  By explanation, brand alignment puts the image and benefit of the brand at the core of all activity in order to affect more positive and effective effects.  Currently, the HCCH name, logo, promotional materials and lack of vision assertion are in a negative way effecting the brand orientation. From another facing point of view, there is a wide range of confusion surrounding the organization's identity.  The business operates underneath two labels: " Health Care Center to get the Homeless” and the " Orange Flower Family Overall health Center”.  It has been recognized that two key stakeholders, clients and donors, do not understand the difference among these two brands (or also that they are related under 1 organization) while the word " homeless” carries a stigma. This confusion gets the potential to injury donations thus affecting the facilities ability to provide top quality service.  As well, there may be confusion between the " Medical care Center intended for the Homeless” and the " Coalition pertaining to the Homeless of Central Florida” (a separate independent human services agency in downtown Orlando).  Additionally, HCCH must make a strong perspective statement to ground it is brand alignment.  Developing a rebranding program and technique to execute this brand orientation becomes the second problem in and of by itself. Which is why the 2nd problem is the need for HCCH to modify its company structure to add a Key Marketing Officer (CMO).  As noted by Kotter " 70-90% of successful change is dependent upon leadership” and a CMO would give this successful leadership.  Finally, the last problem identified is the need for HCCH to widen its scope.  If HCCH applied for analysis change in range, from a health care center for the homeless to a single addressing community wide needs, this would enable HCCH to report this kind of full clientele to the government for elevated funding. Nevertheless , in light of its company problems, the situation surrounding HCCH has many options.  First, increased funding appears promising; since $875 billion dollars has of late been approved together with the Affordable Treatment Act to challenge the unacceptable status quo of medical in all of America.  Second, HCCH is within a good situation to be repositioned- meaning that HCCH's core beliefs of service, equality, and trust are important values to its stakeholders and will just better become reinforced by using a effective rebranding.  The rebranding itself features course the third opportunity because the professional advice desired generated informative ideas and will guarantee an excellent solution. By simply leveraging these opportunities and strategically controlling and excuse its problems, HCCH has got the potential to build a viable marketing plan that can help keep it going towards its organizational goals.

B. Determine the main strategic alternatives

There are multiple strategic alternatives available for HCCH to employ. Including: Narrowing the sufferer scope and returning to merely serving the Florida Homeless. The second substitute is to individual the two affected person categories by simply designating particular centres pertaining to the homeless and the additional ones for those that are under-insured or uninsured. The last advised alternative is usually to simply rebrand as a whole; keeping the patient range, change the be derived from HCCH into a more inclusive title because: Orange Flower health center, and produce an appropriate logo design...



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