Poverty in Appalachia

The people from the Appalachian Mountains have been impoverished for years. They are all settling for a lot less then they should be. Many people in the mountains see that their parents would not graduate from high school graduation so they will feel that that they don't need to. That they see their loved ones struggling with having to pay bills and so they seem like they should not finish college and help away by acquiring a low paying out job and settling with working by Burger King or perhaps Walmart. They will lack determination to target excellence and overcome the obstacles of living in the forest and maybe someday moving out.

One of the main problems in the majority of the folks who live in the mountains is definitely drug addiction. Families will be broken up simply by drug addictive problems. It is an epidemic throughout the hill. There are more drug breasts in the huge batch then in a major city such as Oregon or Nyc. This is one more that people are extremely poor; that they spend all of their money on drugs rather than enough pertaining to the charges, food, or water.

1 main job that a lot of people have in the mountains is working in the coalmines. Working in the coalmines compensates a starting salary of $60, 000, but is extremely dangerous. Coalmining can damage your lungs and if there is an accident inside the mines, you can be stuck in that area for days at any given time. In the Appalachian Mountains, they have about 75 open jobs for coalminers. The only issue is that possibly nobody really wants to work in the mines, or they cannot complete the required medication test to get the job.

The Appalachian Mountains is a place where there is a lot poverty and hardship. It is a town wherever many people do not finish high school and there is an excessive drug trouble. Although it is actually a place of all these hardships, also, it is a place where families stay together and help each other out when occasions get difficult.



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