Below Zero Analysis

Bryon McCoy 2/8/99 Less Than No Analysis Lower than Zero, authored by Brett Easton Ellis, is almost as much about Blair since it is about Clay. Further more, the relationship of clay and Blair is the actual theme that nits the fabric of this publication together.

As we go through the book we see several personas. Each of which is, to become blunt, screwed. There are five characters which can be successfully argued as the primary ones. Generally there? s Trent, conniving and conceded that is a? men model? and? won? capital t do naked.? Julian, weak and unaggressive, who Finn managed to become a male slut. Rip, above bearing and evil, a person that has? every thing? and? not loose.? Blair, intelligent yet easily altered who, through the book, thought Clay and her had been going out. Clay, a cold and confused boy that feels? everything will probably be ok when I get back to Fresh Hampshire.? There is certainly one personality, however , that stands out from all of the rest. In case you have noticed Blair is the merely one throughout the publication that confirmed a backbone. If the lady was at a celebration and there was something the lady didn? t want to do then she wouldn? t take action. For example: the moment her and Clay were at certainly one of Julian? h parties they were led right into a room to look at highly offensive and, truthfully speaking, ill pictures of nude abomination. Clay slept and watched even though this individual didn? big t want to, Blair, nevertheless , said? this can be sick,? and left the bedroom. Similar scenes like this happen to be scattered through the entire book and reflect Blair's independence and freedom of will.

The difference between Blair plus the rest of the key characters is the fact she will things since she desires to. Clay truly does things, not because he wants to but mainly because his colleagues pressure him into carrying it out. Trent really does things because he feels like this individual has something to show. Julian will things because he doesn? big t know how to say? no? and if he truly does say? not any? he will so too later. Rip can be sad and wishes to be cleansed from this Earth. He truly does do things mainly because wants to nevertheless for the...



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