Kukri--the Knife of Nepal

Zachariah T.

Ms. Katherine H.

English 10A

10 January 2013

Kukri – The Knife of Nepal

The kukri or khukuri has been the weapon of choice for Nepalese soldiers since at least the 1600's and continues to be extensively used as an all-purpose blade in the Of india cultures. This kind of knife has become used for many methods from a reaper of bamboo sheets, wheat, and barley, looking furrows, trimming up various meats and fresh vegetables, to the unique, powerful fighting cutlery with a recognised reputation of getting irreplaceable for chopping, slicing, and stabbing. The exact history of the kukri is unknown but proof of its make use of dates back to early Egypt, and it includes has been utilized by Greeks, Macedonians, and Romans. Considered to be the other sharpest cutting tool in the world, next to the katana, ancient civilizations continued burning its unique forward curved cutting tool shape.

The kukri cutting knife is unique for its thick forward elbow shape blade, wider at the top than near the manage. The faith based symbols engraved on the stainlesss steel also add to the unusual design. There are a variety of thicknesses, widths, and mill angles in the blades of a kukri with regards to the intended tasks. A general goal kukri is normally sixteen to eighteen inches in total length and weighs about one to two pounds. Smaller cutlery are easier to handle but have limited usage. Larger knives are impractical pertaining to everyday employ and are for that reason reserved for ceremonies, but now happen to be admired in collections. Kukri blades ordinarily have a notch at the foundation of the cutting tool for blood or sap to drop off rather than installing the handle causing this to become slick. Ceremoniously the notch might represent a cow's ft . or the teats of the cow. Since the cow is worshiped as a empress throughout Nepal, this notch reminds the person that the kukri is not

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to be used to kill a cow. Manages are most often created from native hard wood or normal water buffalo car horn. The flare leg butt of the handle allows for better proper grip and less slippage for...



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