Introduction to Supervision Accounting: Drafted Assessment


Written Evaluation Task Specs

1 .

Example: Sail-Away Sports activities Limited (see attachment)


Student learning outcome

List below, in alpha formatting, what crucial knowledge and skills students would be supposed to attain by successfully doing this subject/unit (link to assessment jobs (refer to 2 . 4 below)):

2 .


Illustrate knowledge of the backlinks between managing accounting, consumers, suppliers and sources of exterior information and appreciate what is relevant to decision-making in a Management Accounting circumstance.


Efficiently use charging techniques and describe the strengths and limitations of such techniques


Analyse accounting information and present reports in a variety of formats


Describe and utilise the fundamental concepts of planning and control systems

Student analysis:

Provide, in table structure as demonstrated below, a schedule of formal analysis tasks and major examinations for the subject/unit.

Evaluation Type

Group project


When assessed

Final submitter

due by way of Moodle

7pm Monday 23

September 2013



Learning Outcomes


a, b, c, d

The Assignment is usually to be submitted applying MS Exceed as a KOI Moodle Task which has been set up on the KOI Moodle internet site. The distribution due time and date is: 7. 00pm Mon 23 Sept 2013. A hard copy (Paper copy) of the Case study is to be handed in either on the Lecture or at the beginning of your Tutorial school in Week 10. Within the Assignment needs you to comment on the outcome of the work in a study format, you might find it better to submit the report as a second data file prepared in MS Phrase. (The Task has been started accept approximately two data files for submission to allow you to do that. Note MOST calculation worksheets should be submitted on ONE MS Excel Worksheet. Each merchandise should be split up into Labour and Material PLUS one Worksheet to get Overheads. This will require ONE workbook with SEVEN worksheet tabs. NOT REALLY SEVEN independent workbook data. Students ought to note, which the hard copy is ONLY to ASSIST in marking however the electronic distribution MUST take place by the time and date particular above in any other case there will be a 20% charges for ANY past due submission ADDITIONALLY an additional five per cent penalty for every day overdue after Monday. No task will be noticeable after seven days late. Please do NOT deliver Doctor's Accreditation for the due date. As this is the work of your entire group, please ensure you have sufficient group people ready to work to deliver the job ON TIME.

ACC200 T2-13 Written Assignment Standards

Page you


ACC200 – Summary of Management Accounting

Trimester 2 – 2013

Group Project

Each week you have to submit one completed component of the Assignment for progress checking. You'll be advised in class the element due inside the following week. The final distribution is due 7pm Monday 23 September 2013 (Hard backup due in Lecture (or Tutorial) Week 10 The schedule pertaining to the progress checking is really as follows:

Thursday Tutorial Course Week eight 10 September: First material and time variances for at least one of the 3 products;

Tues Tutorial Course Week on the lookout for 17 Sept. 2010: Overhead variances (both fixed and variable) Monday twenty three September Week 10 – Complete assignment lodged via Moodle (this is the OFFICIAL DUE DATE because described above)

Tuesday 24 September Week 10 – Hand in hard form of complete assignment. (This submission is to assist with observing – the due date is usually MONDAY twenty-three September! ) Sail-away Sports Limited design and manufacture small sail craft (boats). They make three distinct model boats as follows:

Version 3DSB -- 3m Dinghy Sail Fishing boat

Model 36THS - a few. 6m 2-handed Sail Boat

Model 40CSB – some. 0m 2-handed Sports Boat

The following details is known about Sail-away Limited:

Sail-away's motorboats are made in three phases:

The OUTER SKIN (the bottom part of the vessel that goes in the water) plus the DECK (a cover that may be glued for the HULL to generate...



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