Anticipations of College--an Opportunity Squandered

A chance Wasted

When I attended East as a fresh 18 yr old, straight away of high college, I had a romanticized best about what would happen. My expectations were presented in part coming from things I had seen in videos, and testimonies I had heard from friends when they attended all their first session of college. Having had an easy time in high school, never studying, hardly ever having to work very hard pertaining to an A; I spent the initial few weeks of school trying to adjust to having teachers who don't know your name , nor care should you attend category. The new located freedom I had fashioned acquired by simply moving into the dorm and away from my mother, weighed on me personally like a forty five pound block. I made poor decisions simply because I possibly could, simply because there were no one to indicate to me which i was totally wasting an opportunity that not everyone acquires so easily. I was underneath the assumption that I would be able to air flow through school in the same manner that we had high school. I anticipated to have fun, to meet new people and make new friends. The things i didn't expect was that university isn't whatever like high school graduation. What I failed to expect was to find personally failing miserably in my classes because I used to be not used to having to apply me. I had classes that actually questioned my intellect and this was obviously a new encounter for me. Rather than embracing that, I overlooked at least half of my classes throughout the semester.

The expectations within my head had been a far cry in the reality of school life. Nobody is going to come to your space and remind you that you need to go to category. Even if the professor does not care, it can reflect in your grade. Regardless if no one different notices that you didn't show up at class, when considering to show what you've discovered on a test out you won't have the knowledge required. Reading the chapter in the book can be not equal to having a teacher there to assist you understand this. At that point around me I had not been even substantially concerned with the chance that I was...



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