Moral Issues with the Tobacco Market


Tobacco Honest Issues

The five honest issues that I have selected coming from thetruth. com are: misrepresenting cigarettes as being a safe consumable good, employing flavored cigarette to appeal to a greater demographic, referring to children while " replacement” smokers, cigarette butts eliminate fish and micro-organisms, and helping minorities get careers to buy cigarettes. Misrepresenting smoking cigarettes

According to the information available on thetruth. com, big tobacco continues to be implying they may be producing a safe consumable good. They have manipulated flavors and nicotine levels in cigarettes, as well as implied that " light” cigs are safer, when they have similar amount of tar and nicotine. Flavored tobacco

There are reports of tobacco becoming flavored to appeal to a larger demographic. The site indicates that while candies cigarettes are now illegal, you can still find over forty-five candy flavored tobacco goods. Replacement people who smoke and

Big cigarette has been trying to market kids since they realized that children are the replacement smokers. They made candy smokes, used cartoon characters while mascots, use suggestive advertising (that make kids appearance cool with a cigarette); they have even gone as far as advertising at kids height levels. Butts eliminate fish and micro-organisms

Studies show that cigarette butts which were discarded by simply smokers include killed seafood and micro-organisms. The cigarettes companies are certainly not admitting which the discarded butts people throw out the house windows or in the grass are eliminating the creatures. Helping minorities get careers to buy smoking cigarettes

Big tobacco launched a advertising campaign in 1989 to help them get jobs and become seen as a good friend. They also aimed toward homeless individuals to get them dependent on smoking.

I would have to notify my friend that although thetruth. com is making use of the information to reflect big tobacco inside the worst feasible light, they are doing have validity. As a director in a tobacco company, I have to deal with the negative press all...

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