Cuban Migration

Cuban Migration to the United States

Considering the close distance of Emborrachar to the United states of america, it indicates that there has always been migration between United States and Cuba. Through the 1800's, immigration had become very popular amongst Barrica and the Usa. In the 1800's Cuban vendors and business men generally conducted business, and casually frequented United States upon vacations, and vice-versa. But all that improved when Fidel Castro took over Cuba in the 50s, hence, creating a significant within immigration coming from Cuba towards the United States. Through the years thousands of Cubans fleeing Emborrachar on makeshift boats has become a routine for the United States. Nevertheless the most important with the Cuban immigration has took place in the past forty five to 5 decades. Since then there are 4 significant migration motions that differentiate this particular migration movement via others.

The first say of migration started in 1959 when Fidel Castro had taken reign from the Cuban federal government by beating Dictator Basic Fulgencio Batista. Many prosperous and well-informed white uppr and central class Cubans who were fans of the previous dictator Basic Fulgencio Batista feared that the sudden change in power would hurt them, so they started leaving Cuba to make their approach towards the United states of america. This wave of the immigration which survived for 3 years, had roughly 250, 1000 Cuban immigrants leave Emborrachar for america. Many Cubans " temporarily” came to america during the initial wave mainly because they had a solid feeling that they would go back to Cuba as soon as the United States intervened and eliminated Castro out of his powers. This kind of wave of migration known itself via others mainly because many of the Cubans in the United States deemed themselves to get " personal exiles” rather than immigrants. The other major migration started in 1965 and extended through 1973. Fidel Castro allowed Cubans with members of the family in the United States to leave Emborrachar. Both countries agreed that...

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