Speech Purification Experiment

Filtered Talk Experiment


The purpose of the filtered presentation experiment was going to look for three things. The first was going to see/hear which frequencies may be eliminated from speech transmission and more over which eq can not to be able to understand conversation. The second goal was to find out more about sound filters; and the third was to understand what it is want to experience hearing loss.


The instruments we all used within this experiment were:

1) Low pass filtration system of the Coulbourn insrument

2) Tape recorder

3) Mp3 of two syllable words

4) Presenter (non-human)


The experimenter selected a preliminary cut-off rate of recurrence of 1000 Hz around the low go filter, and then reduced the frequency by simply 1000 Hz increments. Listed below 1000 Hertz the consistency was slice in half. (500, 250) I was asked to make note of the quality of the transmission at each cut-off and the alterations that happened. Two words and phrases were provided at each level and we had been asked to judge clarity. The frequency stop was after that added.


12, 000 Hz - clear4000 Hz - clear

9000 Hz - clear3000 Hz - a bit low

8000 Hz- very clear 2000 Hz - uncertain articulation

7000 Hz - clear1000 Hz - not clear, sounds mumbled

6000 Hertz - crystal clear 500 Hz - appears muffled

5000 Hz -- clear250 Hz - unintelligible English

A conclusion

The results of the research led to the subsequent conclusions:

1) 500, a thousand and 2k Hz are definitely the frequencies needed to really understand speech

2) Consonants weren't heard at 1000 Hertz because of the loss of hearing in high frequency

3) Vowels carry the benefits of the meaning and syllabic information

4) The difference was heard on the frequency standard of 2000 Hz and listed below.


This try things out really allowed me to to understand the way a low go filter performs and how tough

it ought to be for a person with high frequency hearing loss to know speech.



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