Problem 1:

Exactly what the enabling technologies have to be developed for this system? The program, because it should be usable from your home, needs to be built to work on the internet. The system needed to apply to such a system will be: Fiber-to-the-x the past mile in the telecommunication network for high-speed access to the device. This would give users of the system quickly and trustworthy access to the applying for the moment public referendum. Internet allowed devices need to exist to eat the bandwidth that can be offered by this infrastructure at an affordable price and so all residents can very own such equipment to be able to be involved in the referendum.

This is the app stack in the system:

Look at: This is the end user facing element of the system. This might be going to a website or a credit card applicatoin native to the platform it can be running in. Either circumstance, it would require usage of a lot of markup language (such as HTML) and some styling elements (such while CSS). As for the ‘actionable' items from this part of the part (such a clicking some control or deciding on an option or submitting an application etc . ) we would will need some JavaScript or a identical scripting language with comparative capabilities. Since there are going to become ‘moving components' in the AJE, I may have to make a few asynchronous cell phone calls to the storage space without stimulating the whole display screen. I may require AJAX for this purpose. Controller: This can be the next component of the system. This is where all the ‘business logic' from the system resides. Calls to database, statistical calculations are typical done in this kind of layer. The technology required for this component can vastly vary based on implementation. It could possibly range from Java to PHP or Ruby or any additional server-side programming language. Unit: This is the element where the info resides. Based on the scale in the data plus the need, this could vary from a traditional Relational Databases to a HDFS. What are the benefits of adopting this system?

This product would enable people to tone their thoughts and opinions and generate it have an impact on decisions by government in more ways than currently feasible with existing technology. Decision making can be produced faster and is done after more people voice their opinions. This could change democracy for the better and provide people more say in the decision making procedure. The technology itself will bring in quite a few other applications for the end-user apart from just the instant public referendum system. Therefore there would be additional advantages as a result of creative applications built over the high speed network. Exactly what are the down sides of using this system?

Since the system works online, this could be prone to protection attacks just like hacking, denial of services, masquerading, snooping, phishing, etc . Also because the users will be operating remotely, they can be actually compromised and someone else could possibly be affecting the decision making process from the end-user. Likewise, because the user is in their house environment, they are often distracted with other stuff going on in their surrounding and accidentally make incorrect decisions. Overall, I would the security threat from snooping and other technical attacks surpass the additional disadvantages and care must be taken that the information can be encrypted plus the system by itself is built using all security considerations and so these potential issues could be avoided. Issue 2:

One Page summary of Section 5. 3(Computer-based Animation coming from textbook).

Clearly Declared Control:

This is the most basic type of cartoon control where animator delivers list of almost all possible situations by specifying simple conversions like scaling, rotation, goedkoop etc . Additional actions just like interpolations can either be specific explicitly or action influenced based on an interactive system using suggestions devices such as mouse, joystick, data baseball glove etc .

Step-by-step Control:

This manner is based on interaction between things by gathering static/dynamic houses of...



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